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Diarrheas are not all the same, but they are equally problematic both for pet owners and Veterinarians. Both want to stop it immediately for obvious reasons: among them they want to avoid dehidration, due to water loss.

For this reason DRN researchers created Diatab®, complementary food for dogs in palatable tablets, that immediately stops diarrhea thanks to BENTONITE, a mineral which absord up to 70% of water, and MONTMORILLONITE, which has absorbing activity and protects the gut. Diatab®, then, is rich in PECTINS, which create a protective film on intestinal mucosa; in ELETTROLYTES, which replace those lost because of diarrhea; in GRAPE SUGAR, an easily digestible substance that offers an immediate energy supply; FOS (fructooligosaccharides), prebiotics, metabolised only by non pathogen gut lactic bacteria.
Diatab®, thanks to its composition and palatability, is the right product to stop any form of acute and sudden diarrhea, while waiting for other diagnostic tests for find out the cause. 

Moreover, it can be use also for cats with excellent and quick results, even if it was not specifically studied for this species. Diatab® is available in boxes with 6 and 60 tablets. It is recommended to administer ½ tablet twice daily every 10 Kg live weight for 2-3 days.

As we well know, diarrhea is both cause and consequence of gut microbiota alteration. For this reason, after stopping diarrhea, it’s necessary to restore gut physiological state. Knowing all the need of gut microbiota, DRN researchers studied different products, equally effective also in different situations. Today we can speak of Enteromicro®, a symbiotic (probiotic+ probiotic) with micro-incapsulated lactobacilli and colostrum.

  • Micro-incapsulated lactobacilli (Acidophilus, Faecium e Rhamnosus) have a positive effect on gut flora balance and increase immunity.

During micro-incapsulation process the lyophilised (resting) lactobacilli are coated with a capsule that assures they can come intact to the gut and act effectively on gut flora, by stimulating the absorbtion process. The activation of micro-incapsulted lactobacilli does not require much water, as it is necessary in case of lactobacilli sporulati. This is a great advantage because it is hard to force pets to drink.

  • Colostrum is rich in immunoglobulin and stimulates immunity, necessary to support immune system, stimulating active responses.

The formula is enriched by:

  • MOS and FOS, which increase the number and the action of probiotics;
  • Pectins, which promote the formation of faeces, absorbing the excess of liquids, and create a protection on intestinal mucosa;
  • Dextrins, which offer an extra energy supply, in particular to weakened organisms because of  altered gut homeostasis;
  • Vitamins, which are necessary in case of alteration of gut flora because vitamins are involved in mantaining its physiological balance.

Enteromicro®, thanks to its palatability and formulation in tablets and paste, is easy to be administred to both cats and dogs. It is recommended to administer 1 tablet every 10kg live weight once daily to dogs; ½ tablet every 5 kg live weight once daily to cats for 7-10 days at least. It is recommended to administer 1 notch of Enteromicro® Pasta syringe every 5 Kg live weight once daily for 7-10 days at least. The time of administration can change according to Veterinary Surgeon recommendarion.





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