The first liquid symbiotic!


Even before DRN was born, ICF had already presented to veterinary market Enterofilus® , the first symbiotic (prebiotic + probiotic) vial liquid (for dogs and cats, both adults and puppies) derived from an innovative process of natural fermentation of cereals.

Its history and its success have been written by many owners who, on the advice of their Vets, have entrusted to a specific product with pH 3.5 and not to pseudo equivalents for humans that are completely inactivated at the gastric level due to a different pH between man, dog and cat.

Its composition, functional and finalized, however, deserves to be analyzed in detail because it is precisely because of its typicity that has always been not only limited to blocking diarrhea and even those who think to know well Enterofilus® may not ignore certain features specifications.

From natural fermentation to acid pH of the cereal mixture, in particular common wheat, durum wheat, barley, rye, are obtained:

  • Yeasts are Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains, rich in B vitamins and high-value biological proteins that modulate the growth and development of microbiota, necessary for the animal’s well-being, and favor the replication of lactic bacteria.
  • Enzymes, amylolytics, proteolytic and lipolytic enzymes present only in Enterofilus®, essential for the correct assimilation of food ration, especially in cases when for various reasons (stress, diarrhea, decreased immune defenses, malabsorption …) endogenous enzymes are entirely absent or in reduced quantity. The presence of such enzymes benefits the entire body, including skin and hair.
  • Lactic bacteria, which not only colonize the gastrointestinal tract while maintaining the balance of bacterial flora constantly in favor of “beneficial” microorganisms, but also stimulate the aspecific immune system, thanks to the production of bacteria.
    At the end of the fermentation, prebiotics are added, substances that selectively stimulate the growth and activity of bacterial strains already present in the body, particularly in the colon.

In Enterofilus® we also have MOSs, which act with a competitive exclusion mechanism against pathogenic bacteria, activate the non-specific immune system, and “sequestrate” mycotoxins; INULINE, a FOS that has prebiotic action against lactobacilli and also stimulates the immune system; the BAOBAB fiber, which, being soluble, stimulates the growth of lactobacilli and is rich in tannins and pectins with astringent activity, particularly useful in diarrheal states.

All this makes Enterofilus® the ideal product in all conditions where it is necessary to restore the balance of the intestinal microbiota in both adult animals and puppies. So in case of:

  • malabsorption syndromes;
  • power switches;
  • immediately following gastrointestinal pathologies of any nature;
  • in course of protracted antibiotic therapies;
  • stress-based behavioral conditions (anxiety, hyperactivity, …) that can cause diarrhea as a clinical manifestation.

The recommended dosage is:

Puppies: 1ml per kg live weight 1-2 times a day

Dogs: 1 ml per 2 kg live weight 1-2 times a day

Dogs weighing more than 30 kg: 15 ml 1-2 times a day

Kittens: 2 ml 2 times a day

Cats: 5 ml 2 times a day

We recommend the administration for 15-20 days at least.

Both the dosage and the duration of administration can be altered without any side effects because it is a completely natural product.

Enterofilus®, unique and effective, ever since!

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