Wet foods


DRN nutritionists studied a wide range of wet foods for dogs, prepared with high quality ingredients to satisfy dietary and nutritional need of your pets.


SOLO foods

Mono-protein diet food for dogs and cats to reduce intolerance to ingredients and nutritional substances or to detect an allergy or food intolerance, according to vet’s recommendation.

 EXTRA foods


Complete food for dogs without dyes and preservatives.
Integrated with Fibrafos®, complementary food for dogs by DRN®.

Wet Diets

Dietetic complete food for dogs.
Specific foods that can offer a life -long support to your dogs’ functionalities and wellness (thanks to the complementary foods by DRN). Without forgetting taste.


Complete food for cats.
The meat, basis of the cat’s diet, is the ingredient present in greater quantity, ideal to satisfy the nutritional needs of a strict carnivore.

SOLO Vegetal Wet food

Complete vegetarian food for adult dogs.
No meat, no gluten, lactose, corn and soy.






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