What if my dog doesn’t eat meat?

This is a current question nowadays, but DRN thought about this problem already in 2012. Thanks to its excellent staff of researchers, we came out with the answer: Solo® Vegetal Dry Food, a complete, balanced and tasty dry food for adult and old dogs, made with all vegetable proteins and high value carbs.
Among its ingredients, in fact, we can found wheat and Einkorn Wheat, which are gluten free and contain high value proteins; spelt, rich in proteins, fiber (necessary for the gut transit), vitamins, minerals and poor in fats; evening primrose oil, whose seeds are rich in essential fatty acids that improve quality of coat; wheat germ, rich in Vitamin E with a very important anti-oxidant action!
The integration of Solo® Vegetal Dry Food with spinach, carrot, apple, chicory, tomatoe and medicinal herbs is very important too because it supports the anti-oxidant action and slows down cell ageing process!

Solo® Vegetal Dry Food:

  • does not contain corn and soy
  • does not contain GMO
  • does not contain additives and preservatives
  • is Cruelty Free

Solo® Vegetal Dry Food, thanks to its qualities, is the best suited food for:

  • adult dogs, because it is complete and balanced!
  • dogs who don’t (for owner’s choice) or can’t eat (because of food interances) animal proteins!
  • dogs who have difficulties in digestion process and need a highly digestible diet!
  • old dogs, because it has correct quantities of proteins and carbs!

Solo® Vegetal Dry Food is sold in the best pet shops in boxes of 800g (Solo® Vegetal Mini Dry Food, for dogs up to 7kg), 1,5kg and 5kg.



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