Why choose DRN?

DRN has always meant quality and reliability! 

All pet owners know Enterofilus®, the complementary food in vials studied for our pet friends who suffer from intestinal disorders! It is easy to administer and effective in short time!

Original Epato® plus, also, made history and the owners who had pets suffering from liver diseases know it very well: it has guaranteed results and ensures the restoration of original liver values, without side effects…

And what about Direne®? Veterinarians and many owners of cats and dogs suffering from renal diseases trust in it and in its phytoterapeutic formulation, both in tablets and paste, which proved to have evident results.

Then, there is Solosterol derma®, the complementary food with 6 active principles effective on coat and skin, whose effectiveness is proved by a clinical work.


In many years, thanks to all these products, we managed to improve health and life quality of cats and dogs. However sometimes it happens that a complementary food, even good, is not enough. For this reason, with the same reliability and proficiency, we studied new wet diets for adult dogs, made only with the best meats, without slaughter, and rich in taste, necessary for dogs with poor appetite. All DRN diets are compliant with European directives on characteristics of dietetic foods.

Some of these wet diets, like Enterofilus® WD, Epato® WD, Direne® WD, Derma® WD, are integrated with the already known complementary foods by DRN. We wanted to offer a dietary support to complete the action of complementary foods against the main diseases for a life-long period.

The other diet was studied to offer a support to those pets who suffer from obesity, a disease against which a correct management of everyday meals has a great importance. Obesifit® WD was studied to obtain the loss of weight, by making pets fell early full, without compromising the muscle mass.

All DRN diets are available in cans of 150g and 400g.



Ask your Veterinarian to know which diet is best suited for your dog!

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