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The processes involving both men and dogs’ body (breathing, moving, digesting,…) produce free radicals (made of oxygen), which are responsible for the main diseases and for the ageing process of human beings. So the oxygen, which is necessary for the life, is also the main source of free radicals!

Men and dogs’ organisms have usually a defence system, called the anti-oxidant system. For many reasons, also very common (pollution, intense physical activity, drug treatments, inflammatory diseases, age, stress, diets poor in proteins and/or rich in fats) we have more free radicals than usual.

The defence system is not able to counteract this excess and we can call it oxidative stress! The oxidative stress causes the ageing of cells and tissue, with a consequent loss of efficiency.

For this reason we may see in our dogs some alterations, like:

  • early ageing
  • inflammatory processes
  • difficulty in moving
  • reduced or absent interaction with the owner
  • absence of play

An excess of free radicals is always dangerous and must be opposed!
DRN (De Rerum Natura), Italian company founded in 2002, with the aim to find only natural principles for the formulation of complementary foods and diets to cure and protect the health of our pet friends, found an innovative solution to counteract the oxidative stress in dogs.
Thanks to its excellent staff of Veterinary Surgeons and Researchers, DRN created and sold in Italy and Europe a new product,Proage® 1200.

This complementary food contains:

  • a polyphenols mix: pigments present in nature with anti-oxidant, anti-allergic and anti-viral properties.
  • Vitamin E to counteract damages to cell membranes.
  • Vitamin C, an antioxidant which can protect Vitamin E and its action.

Proage® 1200 is the best suited products for dogs:

  • healthy, to prevent the oxidative stress
  • old
  • trated with drugs
  • allergic
  • who have an intense physical activity
  • who have diets rich in proteins and/or fats.

It was published a study on 50 cases of old dogs with different diseases, whose result proved that:

“… all the subjects of the study showed a significant improvement of cognitive skills, showing much liveliness, wish for playing, memory and learning ability.” 

Moreover, also the subjects who were supposed to have cognitive problems and had serious symptoms (complusive or inappropriate behaviour) improved significantly.





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