Skin health begins with good nutrition


Everyone would think  “Oh, another diet”, so we have to expliain. All diets currently sold for dogs with skin problems have:

  1. proteins rarely used in “industrial” food;
  2. high content in Essential Fatty Acids.

But, according to DRN researchers, these components are not enough as a support for the skin functions already altered by many factors, like:

  • hypersensitivity: atopy or food allegy;
  • poor quality food;
  • infectious diseases caused by bacteria and/or Yeasts;
  • external parasites;
  • failings in keratinisation;
  • abnormal pigmentation;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • poor quality shampoos.

The skin reacts to these “attacks” with hyperreactivity (itching) and dehydration, but also with poor quality hair and otitis (the ear is covered by skin!) associated with alteration in intestinal absorption.

For this reason we created Derma WD®, integrated with Solosterol® Derma.

Unlike the others, this diet is meant  “to support skin function in case of dermatosis and excessive hair loss, conforming to European directive 2008/38/CE on caracteristics of food with particular diet purpose” and have specific qualities:

  • high palatability;
  • enriched with dry extract of Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi), a mushroom with soothing action on the skin;
  • Perilla, a plant used to ease the itch;
  • MOS FOS Inulin to avoid constipation or diarrhoea.

We must add, finally, the integration with Solosterol® Derma, DRN complementary food, studied to offer an effective support in case of dermatosis and excessive hair loss.

In fact it’s the only one with Phytosterols, that are very useful in the recovery of epidermal barrier functions because they avoid the excess of percutaneous water loss and they improve its elasticity. It also contains Tocopherols, Omega-3 and Omega-6 in optimum ratio, Selenium, Zinc and Biotin to secure a complete effect on the skin!

This original and complete formulation makes Derma WD® the ideal food for adult and old dogs with problems of skin hypersensitivity (atopic/allergic), but also for those who have an excessive hair loss or poor hair quality.



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