Obesity is not just an aesthetic issue!

Obesity is a significantly increased disease that Veterinarians are experiencing on a daily basis among their patients.



At the basis of this disorder there are the most varied causes, such as:

  • thyroid pathologies;
  • predisposition of race;
  • sterilization or castration;
  • age

but also many “issues” related to the management of the animal by the owners.
For example, too much food, often incorrect nutrition, full of snacks and over-protein snacks or worse still “fat” or sweet, associated with limited physical activity. Or the absence of interaction in the game, which not only depletes the animal from a behavioral and relational point of view, causing or exacerbating anxious issues but limiting motor activity by hindering and slowing overall metabolism and lipid catabolism in particular.
All this leads the animal to overweight which, by definition, is “excess body weight less than 20%” and then to obesity that is such “when the fat connective tissue covering the hips has a thickness higher than 0.5 cm and the real weight exceeds 20% the ideal one. ”
Obesity does not make the dog and cat just round and cute, but causes problems well known in other districts. The remedies are known: changing the diet, habits, and lifestyle of the animal, but too many times as veterinarians are faced with so many difficulties.

That’s why DRN has formulated Obesifit®, the new integrator.
The tablet formulation is particularly useful because the owner will be more motivated to give it to his pet, especially when it is explained that it contains 2 substances used also for human with the same purpose:

  • NOPE (n-oleyl phosphatidyl ethanolamine),
    phospholipid present in the cell membranes and in various foods, has a satiating, hypolipidising and hypoglycemic action. Food intake increases production.
  • ECGC
    Tea catechin, particularly abundant in green tea, with hypolipidizing and antioxidant action. It works by increasing calories expenditure.

To these two principles have been added:

    a polymer consisting of glucose and mannose, which binds water together with the food bolus, a viscous mass of considerable volume which, in the gastrointestinal tract, induces a feeling of satiety and slows down the transit speed of food;
  • FUCUS VESCICOLOSUS (alga bruna)
    stimulates basal metabolism to use a greater amount of energy for metabolic processes related to fat mass reduction;
    necessary in the impaired physiological condition of obese dogs. The level of leptin, a protein generated by some fatty tissues, is particularly high in obese animal blood and has a specific role in regulating the degree of obesity.

Also the dosage (1 tablet per day every 10 Kg bodyweight up to achieve the ideal weight, according to the directions of Veterinary Surgeon) favors the owner’s compliance.

DRN also formulated Obesifit WD®, a complete wet food for dogs (supplemented with Obesifit®), specially formulated to achieve body weight reduction (Directive 2008/38 / CE), to be combined with the complementary food for a Reduction Plan even more complete.

From today’s weight loss will not be a waste of time …



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