Enterofilus®: why choose another one?


Enterofilus®, thanks to its well-known properties, is not a symbiotic that “treats” dogs and cats like the others.

As we all know, thanks to the natural fermentation at acidic pH of cereals, we obtain:

  • Yeasts, which modulate the growth and development of the microbiota, on which the well-being of the animal depends;
  • Enzymes, amylolytic, proteolytic and lipolytic, essential for a correct assimilation of food ration, especially in cases where for various reasons (stress, diarrhea, loss of immune defenses, malabsorption, …) endogenous ones are completely absent or in reduced quantities. The presence of these enzymes benefits the whole organism, including skin and hair;
  • Lactic bacteria, which not only colonize the gastrointestinal system, maintaining the balance of bacterial flora constantly in favor of “beneficial” microorganisms, but also stimulate the immune a-specific system, thanks to the production of bacteriocins.

As if all this was not enough, at the end of fermentation, prebiotics are added: these substances selectively stimulate the growth and activity of bacterial strains already present in the body, especially in the colon.

That’s why Enterofilus® stops diarrhea, but acts also on the whole intestinal ecosystem bringing it back into balance, where it is needed, as in the case of:

  • food poisoning;
  • diet changes;
  • ongoing protracted drug therapies;
  • stress conditions on a behavioral basis (anxiety, hyperactivity, …).

All in liquid form, therefore easy to administer and dose, without any side effects, if not the welfare of the animal.

So, why choose another one?



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